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Fast, asynchronous analytics with MongoDB

We needed to do simple analytics on OpenGovernment, but not of the Google Analytics variety. We needed each object in the system to have view count aggregates that we could show in real time on the page, and we needed … Continue reading

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WI Senate’s “budget repair bill” now available on OpenGovernment

Over the past few days, national news has focused on events in the Wisconsin state legislature, where 14 senate Democrats are protesting a controversial new budget bill introduced by Republican Governor Scott Walker and supported by 19 senate GOPers. Because … Continue reading

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CloudFront custom origin server with Rails, Jammit, and Apache

This is the first in a series of more in-depth technical posts about OpenGovernment. Our project is open source, so feel free to check us out over at github. Here’s what you want to be able to do: Serve your … Continue reading

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