OpenGovernment advances at #SxSWI Accelerator Contest

Outstandingly pleased that word just came down: OpenGovernment has been selected to advance to the next day at South by Southwest Interactive’s Accelerator Contest. Thank you to the judges and the staff here for recognizing our 501(c)3 non-profit, public-mission web application in the midst of the hyper-commercial social-media haystack. Big ups also to the other finalists, we’re glad to be building a more #opengov-savvy media ecosystem with you all. (OpenGovernment, of course, as an open-source project for public knowledge, has an open API in continual development, we look forward to the same from our colleagues and allies among the other projects. All-in for all-open.)

My understanding is that there will soon be available online video of my OpenGovernment presentation, developed with PPF’s masterful Director of Technology, Carl Tashian, as well as our dudes Nicholas & Dean of our sibling non-profit PCF, all of us sharing a house up in Cherrywood here at #SxSWi. Thank you again to the judges to recognizing the unique value proposition of a user-friendly government transparency resource for state legislatures — our leading example was of course #WIUnion #WIbill #SB11, the budget reform bill in Wisconsin, which prompted such incredible protests and which illustrated the pressing public demand for non-partisan information about state-level legislation.

We have information for five state legislatures from our partners at the Open States Project, and are working to roll out to the 45 remaining U.S. states. Help us grow– a 501(c)3 non-profit project, contributions are tax-deductible. OpenGovernment is a much-asked-for public resource for non-partisan information about bills, votes, issues, and elected officials at the state level — consider for a moment what one has heard recently about state budget crises and other pressing issues in state capitols nationwide (images right & below). We’re a community-driven project, let us know what you think.

Check out the 9-slide-deck that we presented yesterday (it was required to be on this presentation service, no promo intended). Today a more-extensive, five-minute presentation is called for, and we have a longer-version ready too, though I’ll likely just add a few more slides to our shorter one and aim to really hit our use cases. Hit me up anytime for a copy of our non-profit funding prospectus: david at ppolitics d0t org. We’re easy to reach and eager to chat about how our mission of making state- and local-level legislation more accessible meets your funding interests.  Grateful thanks again to the Accelerator judges, it’s all for the #FLOSS #opengov movement, and to Jenny 8. Lee & John Bracken & team at the Knight Foundation for curating such an impressive array of contributors, plus Chris Valentine for putting it all together.

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